“God provides spiritual gifts to everyone, and LakeSide truly appreciates the gift of Evangelism through Music & Song, to present Jesus to whoever will listen.  God has also provided financial blessing to others that may want to support different ministries, so this page will allow you to support the financial needs of LakeSide.  LakeSide owns a van, trailer, sound system, and gear to attempt to provide music in the best way that is tasteful and a blessing to people, but this equipment is NOT cheap to maintain or to haul!  We firmly believe that God will take care of our financial needs such as maintenance of our equipment, the need of a new van, bigger trailer, etc., and most of the time we are truly amazed how God can provide, so this page allows you, if led by God, to be part of LakeSide’s ministry, by monetary donation.  This ministry is not about financial gain, but truly about spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.  We also understand if you don’t let people know your needs then you are not allowing them to be blessed either and be part of this ministry!  It cost money to release music to radio, pay for gas, and repairs to equipment and the old van, so if you can’t support LakeSide, no problem, just please pray for us to be able to continue to make music for God and to present Jesus to anyone that ask us to come.  Hearing the testimonies of those that have accepted Christ or have been blessed by a song makes it ALL worthwhile for us….

If you feel led to provide a donation, you can write a check to (LakeSide, 955 Lakeside Rd., Madisonville, TN, 37354) or use PayPal below;