latest news>>

first< i would like to let everyone know that mike white< which sings with us frequently and one of the original members lost his mother< letta white< so please keep them in your prayers> she was a wonderful lady and loving mother and grandmother!!

lakeside is working on new material< so please pray for us> it is always a struggle to try to arrange music and produce songs that are good enough for people to listen to and truly hear the message> we are looking forward to working with chapel valley on this next project> i also will be following up soon with some news on our annual singing< we hope it will be the best< yet!! what do you think we should improve in southern gospel? god bless< lakeside

3rd Annual Singing

I want to thank each and everyone that came out to our 3rd Annual Singing!! Journey Home and the Gibsons were awsome and kicked the night off wonderfully. Everyone said that there was a great spirit there and I would agree. The Diplomats and the Primitive Quartet were great as usual, and we had a special guest, Mr. Les Beasley!! We saw several young people make changes in their lives and it was a great singing!! If you weren’t able to make it, please try to make it next year and keep looking on our website for the latest details.

Another note, Andy Miller our tenor singer is now learning to play bass and is doing a great job, this is due to our previous bass player and singer (Eddie Morgan) has semi-retired for awhile. We really do miss Eddie, and will keep him and Donna in our prayers!! So please cast a prayer up for Andy, any time you are learning a new instrument and singing it is hard and frustrating. We are working on new material and hopefully this year we will come out with a new project. I must go now, but please check back with us for routine updates….

How many years do you think Eddie sang with Lakeside?

God Bless,

Greg Blankenship

LakeSide’s Annual Singing

Everyone that can, please come out to our Annual Singing on February 26, 2011 at the Butcher Auditorium at Hiwassee College, Madisonville, TN. Singing will begin at 5:15 with Journey Home and then The Gibsons and at 6:00PM the the following will take the stage (Primitive Quartet, Diplomats, and LakeSide). We are so excited to have all the wonderful groups, so please come out and participate in a great night of praise, worship and blessings. Please tell as many people as possible about our singing and bring someone with you, it is only $12.00 at the gate and $10.00 in advance and kids under 11 years of age are free…..

Also, what happened to Tennessee against Kentucky????

God Bless,


February 2, 2011

Hello everyone, this is my first attempt to blog, so it is iffy if it will make?? We sang all day on 1/31/11 and got in at home around 1:00PM. But, it was a great day!! We have had so many changes this year, our long time bass singer and player – Eddie Morgan has left LakeSide for a while and we miss him terribly!! Andy Miller, also left but the Lord has led him back to LakeSide and we are grateful for that. I would like to also welcome back as a part timer, Mr. Mike White, which help start this group, he has been playing bass and singing tenor for 6 months or so and we continue to be part of LakeSide. It is rough sometimes in a singing ministry due to the time away from your family, but I do feel it is my job and I hope people understands that..I must go now and I would like to leave you with this thought…”How is Tennessee Football looking next Year???”

See ya and God Bless,

Greg Blankenship