LakeSide’s Fourth Annual Singing

On February 24, LakeSide Hosted their Fourth Annual Singing with the Diplomats and Paul Williams & Victory Trio. For openers we had the Paul Family and Rocky Flatts for the Preconcert and they both were great and Diplomats and Paul were as great as usual. It was a wonderful night and I hope many of you were there and such a great spirit. On 2/24/12, We did it again and we featured The Singing Cookes, Roarks, and Gibsons and we were really blessed with a great Preconcert with The Watson Brothers Quartet, and the Singing Hambys (even though they had a flat!!). It was an awesome night, and I believe this year’s singing was one of the best we ever had!! I want to thank each and everyone that came and I hope you were blessed and please give me some feedback on what you liked and what you did not..

This year has started out with a bang and we are going strong, and telling everyone we can about the joy that comes with Jesus!!!

God Bless,